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Thread: PayPal payments

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    Question PayPal payments


    I have two questions:

    1. when I have installed paypal subscription plugin in the 4.4ver, I have received the following information form the support:
    "Please don't use paypal subscription plugin for version 4.4 or more; (because this option integrate to paypal gateway)"

    Does it mean that the subscription is already integrated? If yes how can I enable it?

    2. How does the script support the subscription, or confirmation of the payments? I know that paypal uses IPN and paypal needs to receive location of my IPN listener so it can send notifications. Once received by my server (IPN listener), the script can react upon successful payment. The question is:
    - where is the IPN listener in the scripts (if there is any)
    - where/which script is adding the location of the listener when submitting payments to paypal

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    Good questions! I would like to know those answers too

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