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Thread: Dealers Own Website

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    Dealers Own Website

    Hi there,
    I was wondering how difficult to add sub-website for each dealer? the idea is if a dealer is interested, he can create his own website and list his own cars in it and all the listings would appear in the main website as well. Does this feature already exist?

    Please let me know


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    I too like this idea, dealer will have gis own page, and on that page all listings related to him will be listed.

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    wow thats an amazing idea hope Flynax would do this I would so love this on my site as well

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    Was thinking about this too.
    It will be great option to add!

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    Cool Can we dream of his powers improvements happen soon?

    Hello all
    I have too already asked about sub-website professionals /dealer pages ... I don't understand why this is not into the new V4
    - here in france you can have some good example of this done ....a link is beside each Professional card index into the directory : http://www.youboat.fr/annuaire-professionnel.html or http://www.annoncesbateau.com/pageprofessionnel.php
    -Another very interesting thing for the professionnal is they can embedded this specific page into their own website ... like this : http://www.nauticeayachting.com/bate...ote-dazur.html

    Or better could be to have the possibility to export each professionnal complete listings into an xml file to insert into their website made under wpress or joomla ??

    Can we dream of his powers improvements happen soon?

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    It kinda does but in a more basic form to your examples. I am sure with some customisation you could do something similar to your examples.

    Heres a couple examples from my site.

    Dealer directory - http://motoradsuk.co.uk/dealer-accou...h-results.html

    Dealer page - http://motoradsuk.co.uk/olympicmotorcompany

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    Hello all,

    Yes Chris is right but if you want to create custom design for each dealer or dealer can create design himself and use subdomains for each dealer with his listings and information it will be like custom modification. May be we will create it but not in near future.
    Who want this modification please create tickets with this request.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    Hello Viktor,
    A single Dealer's page layout would be enough (in my opinion) please check out this one (as far as I know the biggest car portal in the world with more than 2 million active listings) http://www.autoscout24.eu/Details.aspx?id=217113176 on the detail you press View other vehicles from this dealer and you get the same layout to every dealer http://www.autoscout24.eu/CustomerAr...&aid=217113176
    Only importing the dealers Info and Logo with a lighter search filter. This makes all the difference to a dealer at the time to chose the website were he wants to advertise his cars!


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    I would be interested in having this for real estate agents. A personal page for each member agent. Has this been released as a feature yet? Viktor, have you built this yet somewhere else? Do you have example to show?

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    Whats with this idea what happend is it included and i just didnt found it yet ?

    please respond

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