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Thread: Hidden account fields shown on print page

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    Hidden account fields shown on print page

    Just noticed - if you create an account field and configure it not to be shown anywhere, it is still shown on the "Print" page of the listing details.

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    Flynax developer
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    Jun 2010
    We've checked this issue in our software and haven't found same problem. Would you please submit a ticket to our technical support.

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    Just thought i would have a check of this as i hide the postcode/zipcode field for private sellers on my site.

    On my site the field is hidden on the print page

    but it does show on the pdf page

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    I'll take another look to figure out what is going on.

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    Hi, is there anyway that I could hide weather forcast in print page? Because it doesn't work

    Weather Forecast
    Weather Forecast is not available for this listing.
    Current Conditions

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