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Thread: Google API KEY or any possible problems with google maps

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    Google API KEY or any possible problems with google maps

    Hi folks,
    Let's talk about Google API Key and what we need it for!
    The Google API Key is the unique key which allows certain domain to use Google Services, such as Google Maps API, Drive API and other.

    As you maybe know Flynax uses Google Maps API V3 which doesn't require the APK Key but Flynax also uses such Google Services as Geocoding API
    and Static Maps API, which necessary to define the exact coordinates by address (Location Finder Plugin for example) and to
    display the map preview on the listing details page. BTW displaying map preview (static picture) instead of javascript map on the page prevents page of map
    libraries loading and multiple requests to google servers which makes the page a bit faster.

    So we need the Google API Key, how to get it? Here the instruction:
    1. Go to and log into Google Console Account (Create the account if you don't have it).
    2. Click "Project" button right after google logo, click "Create Project" button in appeared menu. Enter Project name and click "Create".
    3. On the project page go to "Library" section (see sidebar menu)
    4. Find Maps Geocoding API, Maps Javascript API, Places API Web Service and Static Maps API services and enable them.
    5. Now go to "Credentials" section (in sidebar menu) and click "Create Credentials" button and then "API Key" in the dropdown menu, don't use restrictions.
    6. Popup with the "API key" appeared, copy the key
    7. Go to your Flynax Admin Panel >> Configurations >> Google Maps and past the API key in the "Google Browser Key" field.
    8. Go back to the point #5 of this instruction and create one more API key but past it in the "Google Server Key" field in you Flynax Admin Panel.
    9. Save settings.

    That's all! Let me know if you still have problems or questions.

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