Hello Guys,
Starting at 2.1.0 Android Application version you may place the Google Adsense (AdMob)
which will allow you to place the AdMob Banner at the top or bottom of the screen almost for all pages
using your Flynax Admin Panel. Here the simple instruction which will help you to do so:

1. Go to your Flynax Admin Panel and click on "Google AdMob" in "Android App" section of the main menu.
2. Click "Add Unit" button at the right top corner
3. Fill in the form, you may meet the problems with two fields only, "Name" and "Ad unit ID"
4. "Name" field is just unit name for your reference, enter "Header banner on home screen" for example
5. "Ad unit ID" is the unit unique ID which you may get here
6. Save unit and restart your application on your device.