We've paid for the flynax escort on our servers and are attempting to configure a reasonable website with common features found on all escort directories.

eg : www.nze.club :

1.Rates , does it not seem strange that Flynax forgot to include "RATES" - this is nowhere in the admin or front-end - which makes the site unusuable.

2. In category pages , the fresh copy shows the item "photo" and "area" - this should be image+item name+area+phone number+short blurb. Without a short blurb the category pages are going to be seen by Google as link pages.

3. title tags and H1's aren't correctly configured for SEO.

4. As far as I can tell -the menu bar cannot be edited in admin , which I was told I could before making payment , the only link is Girls >> , the menu bar links should be to the main areas of the country.

5. On category pages , there is no "quick view" option which is unlike most escort themes being made today - users don't want to jump forward and backwards between category and item pages.
eg : current site , www.nzgirls.club - I set this up to include of the common features present in escort directories today. When the template includes these common features we can begin transferring from our current site to flynax , current site = www.nzgirls.club