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Hi Guys, we closed other script template downloads because they are not compatible with customer script type. Almost of customers think that if the template is available for downloading then he can use it and all script functions should works properly with his script type. But it is not true and we received many tickets with such complains. The one proper solution was closing the access to all incompatible templates, sorry for that.

Hi John,

I do understand that could be a problem if people don't know what they are doing.
But me and my friend test and learn flynax with various templates. I know many others here are doing the same too, especially when new version come out, just the same purpose we posted here in 2015. Also it could be a problem too if user bought a template and then change type, they would unable to get the template.

Could you please may be make 2 separate template sections like
- Compatible templates
- Other templates