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Thread: Flynax Template Installation

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    Flynax Template Installation

    Hi there,
    I am working on detailed Flynax Template installation instruction and will share it in this thread soon.

    1. Log into Flynax Customer Area;
    2. Go to Downloads for your domain;
    3. Go to the Template tab in the Downloads area;
    4. If you have the SemiFly or Fly package and you don't have access to the Premium templates you'll have to purchase it; click "Request Access" link to buy the template for your domain;
    5. Click the Download button against a required template to download it to your PC;
    6. After downloading the template you'll have to upload it to your server; there are two ways of doing it:
    6.1. Upload the archive/zipped folder to the directory /FLYNAX_ROOT/templates/ and unzip it using hosting control panel (cPanel);
    6.2. Unzip the folder on your PC and upload it to /FLYNAX_ROOT/templates/;
    7. Then log into admin panel of your site > configurations and choose the template you uploaded in the dropdown;
    8. Save the changes and reload the front end.

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