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Thread: New Option not displayed

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    Dec 2014
    I done a fresh install of the script, and always I have the problem:
    The the option from my car script, I have a mixed field "cm3" (Cubic capacity).
    Mixed options display normaly: "ay text" and at the end-> cm3.
    But it's just show 2.0 and cm3 is not displayed.

    In a previous thrat you solved with this answer:
    Hi, i've fixed your issue, you can check. The problem was in database for this field, i increased the max-length of column for it.
    can you just tell me where I can change it without always asking you again? :-)

    Thanks for help

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    Hello Stephane,

    Do you know key for this field? Go to admin Panel >> Listing fields. Find this field and remember key of the field. Then go to PhpMyAdmin >> fl_listings -> show structure -> find this field and click edit. It should be text field with 30 or 50 char length. Change it to 100 and save. Then try to add or edit listing.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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