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Thread: Shipping methods (UPS)

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    Shipping methods (UPS)


    There is a more complete guide to configure UPS shipments?

    I created an account with UPS, and have tried many options but it only works the UPS Express option, on all other I always get the same error.

    Failed to estimate the shipping cost. Probable reasons: 1. You’ve entered an incorrect location; 2. Location of a seller was not identified; 3. The delivery service is not available for your country.

    I live in Spain and I certainly UPS offers more services in my country. I have also checked in the shopping cart plugin that the account to ups, only need the Access Key for it to function, other details do not matter. You can only select Kg and not all products weigh that much. And the dimensions section do not understand I have to put, the user has no option to put the dimensions of your article for further calculation on shipping charges.


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    Could you please submit a new ticket by this issue and we will help you resolve the problem;

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