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Thread: Vendors can not add shipping costs to publish an ad

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    Vendors can not add shipping costs to publish an ad


    When a user posts an ad not may indicate the price of shipping charges, ie, when a user purchases a product and pays your purchase, shipping costs are always 0 and buyers do not know exactly the price they have to pay if they buy the products.

    Shipping charges vary by product sold but you can not specify the amount to add to the cost of the final payment.

    I mean that users can not indicate in advertisements the item price and the price of the shipping separately. And then at the time of payment, shipping charges will be added to the final bill.


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    Hello Jose carlos Picon davila,

    The shopping cart has some shipping options and we can add more options. The script uses data in shopping cart configuration to count the shipping cost. Please check the shipping data in Admin Panel > Plugins > Shopping cart > Configurations

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    I've seen options UPS and DHL, but many people send items by other methods. The shopping cart should include a field for shipping cost and add it to the product price. The script does not calculate any costs of shipping as you can see in the pictures or i do not know how to do.



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    I talked also about That Before With Flynax

    I totally Agree Vendors can not add shipping costs to publish an ad,

    That is important because most of Vendors are having their own price with shipping cost with shipping companies, the ship with different costs ! that is True

    *Also i have finished my trick to add some life to shopping with flynax by editing contact seller bottun to be "Quick Order"

    *i have Also Easy idea to make Daily Deal Counter plugin easily by Using Same Counter Generator with Under construction plugin

    Wish You all good luck

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    I also think the seller should have the ability to manually just enter in the shipping cost. That just makes it easier.

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