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Thread: Free version of the Android Application from A to Z.

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    Free version of the Android Application from A to Z.

    To get a free license of FlyDroid Application you have to do the following:

    - Install and configure Android Connect Plugin;
    - Get a Client ID and Secret Key for PayPal Gateway (in case if you have paid plans)
    - Get a Google Analytics Tracking ID
    - Share the Application on your website

    Now let me guide you through all the steps of getting a free version of FlyDroid described in general above.

    - Installing and configuring Android Connect Plugin and translating missing phrases for it
    1. Log into the Admin Panel of your site then go to Plugins and click on the Browse button to see a list of plugins.
    2. Install Android Connect. If it's already installed then update it to the latest version, if any.
    3. The Plugin has Flynax branding by default and you'll have to change a few phrases:
    3.1 Go to the Languages section in the Admin Panel menu under Android App;
    3.2 Search for "Flynax” in the Language Manager for the App;
    3.3 Replace "Flynax” with your brand;

    You also can add a new language to the App. We recommend using the same languages as you have on your site.
    By default the App comes in English but you can easily translate phrases used in the App, which amount to about 400 words and phrases.

    - Getting Client ID and Secret Key for PayPal Gateway
    1. Go to https://developer.paypal.com/ and sign in with your PayPal account.
    2. Click Dashboard in the top menu.
    3. Click Create App in the upper right corner of the page.
    4. Enter name of your app in the form, for example Android and click Create.
    5. Copy Client ID and Secret on the app details page and enter them in PayPal Billing that you can find in the Admin Panel of your site > Android Connect Settings.

    - Getting Google Analytics tracking ID
    1. Get Tracking ID using the instruction: https://support.google.com/analytics.../1032385?hl=en
    2. Enter the ID into the appropriate field in the Admin Panel of your site, Android Connect Settings.

    - Adding the Application to your website
    The Application can be added to your site through a content box. To generate an HTML content box:
    1. Go to the Admin Panel > Content boxes > Add a Content Box
    2. Choose HTML in the Box Type field
    3. Click Source button in the Content field, which you can find in the reach code editor, and insert the following HTML code in the textarea:
    PHP Code:
    Only registered members can view the code
    Note: Don't forget to change the www.mydomain.com to your domain name.

    4. Fill in other fields and save the box.

    I think that's all. If you have any questions feel free to ask them here in the thread.

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    Hi John,
    Why the Android page setting on my AP looks weird?
    Some rows are triple...

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    Problem solved.
    Re install android connect plugin.

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