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Thread: Duplicate content issues and big seo issues

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    Duplicate content issues and big seo issues


    Dear support friends

    There are something lessen my results, there are important duplicate content issues.

    For example: there is no redirect from index.php to /

    If i try to redirect index.php to the root:

    RewriteRule ^index.php / [R=301]

    This is what happens, the entire seo page comes down:


    That's what appears in stead of:


    But this is not the worst thing, the worst thing is even http://planetaescorts.es/?page=escorts-madrid doesn't redirect to http://planetaescorts.es/escorts-madrid.html

    So there are many many duplicate content here!, this is a madness

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    what is this???? http://planetaescorts.es/?standard another one!!! when i made a site:planetaescorts.es i found that, also i want to disallow the category filter plugin generated pages like http://planetaescorts.es/escorts-mad...e_color_Hazel/ this is harming my search results a lot!

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    This is a temporary fix by robots but i am not confident yet and there is still the issue of the generated pages by category filter plugin

    # robots.txt

    User-Agent: *
    Disallow: /?standard
    Disallow: /index.php
    Disallow: /?page=escorts-madrid
    Disallow: /?page=escorts-barcelona

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    Hello Santiago,

    So, default links must works properly if you enabled the mod rewrite module.
    But you're right about the category filter links and we'll change it in a new version of this plugin.
    Thank you, Curtis.
    @Flynax Company

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    This is the smallest problem. The bigger problem is the duplicate content, titles, etc.., from the Multi field/Geo filtering. Now I have 34.5K duplicate titles, meta descriptions and content.

    Is it any way to create custom titles, meta descriptions, etc... for the entries from the Multi field/Geo filtering (States, cities)?

    Maybe create automatic titles and meta descriptions with codes like: {land}, {land_level1} etc...?
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