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Thread: Enabling search by ZIP code (or title)

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    Enabling search by ZIP code (or title)


    How is it possible to enable searching by zip code and/or title and such fields in Flynax? The site is http://www.boligbeta.dk/ (user: bolighandel, password: defpass)

    You see that the autocorrect is using full text search and all fine (try for example entering 2100), but when you press enter, there are no results. Why is that so and how can I configure it to use zip code etc.?


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    Searching by zip code is a plugin, you need to install it via admin cp.
    Search by title and field needs to be set in search form, also in admincp, you can set quick and advanced search form in your admin cp

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    Couldn't find it through the available plugins somehow. How's it exactly called, or what's the link to it, please?

    Which search form is currently active? The quick one?

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    New Site: CameraSpecs

    Old Site: MotorAdsUk

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    That's not quite what I require, I want the searching to work similar or exactly as www.trulia.com, and as the ajax auto complete already does, I just need to figure out how I can change the results to be the same when making POST too

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    Anyone, please? I know it can't be that bad — I only need the location of the query, and add extra fields for check (`b_zip` in this case). That's it.

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    The plugin will add another line of search by zip code into your search box, you can then whatever you like to the search in addition, search as title, number of rooms, feature, price, etc.

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    Yeah, I understand that and that'd be good, but we're aiming for a possibility where all the search types (ZIP code, title, city etc.) are combined in one input and gives out results the same way as autocomplete does (for example try typing 2100 in the upper search and by zip code it will output correct results). The only thing —*when pressing enter, it doesn't output them in the page.

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