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Thread: Share location for google map

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    Share location for google map

    How can we skip the notification "Would you like to share your location with _my website"? I want it to be set to yes (always), not ask the user, so that the google map will show the proper location as default.
    This should be a workaround (not perfect) for the location faulty flow that we have now .
    The proper way would be:
    Have location set up like State/City and when user select the state and city from dropdown, the google map (from location on map) should automatic move to that area and from there the user should pinpoint the exact location (STREET/HOUSE). And all these 3 options should be locked to each other to prevent selecting state Michigan than city Lansing and in Location on map not filling the proper location or selecting New York city and than, in listing details we would see on the map what? The wrong location from Location on map.

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    You find a solution? Also, how can i restrict the search to a specific country? Anybody? Thanks!

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