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Thread: Keyword search results in Multilingual website

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    Exclamation Keyword search results in Multilingual website

    Dear professionals,

    I have 2 languages on my website. English and Arabic.
    When I first created the database/data entries, I typed all the brands names in English with the corresponding brands names in Arabic for each one.
    Now, when i'm in the Arabic frontend and I search for any listing using English keywords no listings appears although there are listings to the related topic.

    ِِِAnd the same goes when I'm on the English frontend when trying to search using Arabic keywords.
    Usually some of the users prefer the English forntend but do search in Arabic (as myself) and some do the other way round.

    Could you please help so the search looks for the word and its corresponding word in the same time, in other words to search for the word SONY it looks for "SONY" and "zzxxyy" (assuming zzxxyy is the corresponding word to SONY but in another language) and shows the listings that contains "SONY" and/or "zzxxyy".

    Your efforts are highly appreciated,


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    guys any help please,

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    Didn't I clear the problem enough? or I'm asking for none- sense? though all the multilingual classified website that I know have this capability..
    I want to search using English interface but in Keyword search I type in different language than the interface. Knowing that each word been translated and written in both languages upon creating the database and the interface.

    I have a solution but it makes the website looks ugly and nonprofessional as well.

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    Hello Ammar,

    So, it's a difficult process and not logical, because user cannot see results in another language.
    But if you want change this logic that i suggest you create the new ticket in out tickets system and after you can discuss it via another developer.
    Thank you, Curtis.
    @Flynax Company

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