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Thread: Same submit form for all categories

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    Same submit form for all categories

    I've added a bunch of categories to my site. When I try to add a new listing for one of these categories, I get a message like this:
    "Submit form for the Events category has not been built, please click here to build it."

    I can go ahead and build a form for this category and I assume it would work. However, I have 100 categories.
    How can I tell Flynax to use the same form for all categories and not having to go one by one setting up that form?


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    In admin/listing types, choose to edit the type then in there is an option to choose master category. Build the form for that then all categories in that listing type will use the same form
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    Thanks Chris! That worked

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    Ok. What do you do when you have 20 master categories and you would like to have the same form for all of them?

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