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Thread: How can I change my default my home page?

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    Post How can I change my default my home page?

    If I don't want to use default home page as my website home page, what should I do?

    1- I created new page and wrote page controller "home"
    2- I change to inactivate default home page
    3- I activated my new home page and then show what I need content boxes to that my page.

    But when I open my web site as www.mydomain.com
    Yes I saw my content boxes on left side but this error came:

    RROR 404: Requested page not found
    Undefined Page

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    Hello Resul Ekin,

    Full home page content can start from header.tpl then content.tpl and end in footer.tpl
    but other pages using this files too. That's why change home page not easy. On some our templates controller home.tpl hasn't any code inside
    Also on some templates has file header_home.tpl

    You shouldn't deactivate home page in admin panel.

    Would you please explain what exactly do you want to change on your home page?
    What template do you use right now for?
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    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    Dear supporter, what if I want to integrate a custom theme in Flynax system, apart of themes you offered in the template section on flynax.com ?

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    Hello Jafar,

    If you know html, css, smarty you can try to integrate it yourself. Also you can create ticket and we will discuss about it there.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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