We are just getting started with Flynax, and I'm having a hard time determining whether our site needs to use multiple Listing Types. Here is what we want our category hierarchy to look like:

- Hereford Bulls
- Angus Bulls
- etc.

- Hereford Heifers
- Angus Heifers
- etc.

When a user places an ad under Bulls, we want to collect a few additional custom fields that are specific to bulls, and we also want it to be possible to search ads based on those custom fields. Ditto for Heifers (females).

A few questions:

1) To collect a different set of custom fields for bulls vs. heifers, do we need to use separate Listing Types?

2) To allow the user to search for bulls, heifers, etc. based on these custom fields, do we need to use separate Listing Types, or is the tabbed search form sufficient?

3) Any other considerations that would cause you to recommend a single Listing Type vs. multiple ones? It seems like things get really complicated really quickly when using multiple listing types.