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Thread: Flynax and Facebook publication

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    Flynax and Facebook publication


    I'm used to do marketing and ads with Facebook promotion.

    With my other site, when I copy the URL in a publication, all the information are automatically coming - Photos, Text, ... and without doing anything it looks great.

    With my flynax site, when I copy the URL of a car listing, I'm only getting as image the logo of the user and the picture of the car are not available to select (so I have to upload them myself to facebook). And also, no text is coming.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who could enjoy the flynax URL to work better with Facebook.
    There are probably some coding rules to make it good.

    What do you think?

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    You should format your ads using http://ogp.me/

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    But still, flynax should try to make the code more facebook friendly.
    Users like to simply take the link of the listing and put it on Facebook... Minimum should be that one picture from the listing apears.


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    My links to facebook used to be fine with transferring pictures and text, but did notice recently the pictures was not going across.

    New Site: CameraSpecs

    Old Site: MotorAdsUk

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    You can use a product like http://twitterfeed.com/ then link your latest listing feed ( http://yoursite.com/rss-feed/ ) and then set to auto update your FB account as many times as you want a day, this will drag the picture as well, and now with FB set to feed twitter you only need that one setting and all is done auto for you. maybe not exactly what you were after but a alternate to feeding updates from your site to FB.

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    Thank you all, got some good tips here.
    For the post I do myself, it is ok, I can take the few minutes to make my publication look good.

    Problem is for other user. They want to copy the URL from their listing and copy it in facebook without doing anything.
    I'm sure there are some coding best practices that will make the listings publication look great (photo + text).

    Flynax, it is up to you :-)

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    Any thoughts from Flynax?

    Because it is really important that the users can simply take a URL from their listing and copy it in Facebook. A picture from the listing should show in facebook + some text.
    It works with a lot of website and today, it is a really important feature.


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    Here are 2 screenshots to show what I mean:

    This one is how it should looks like and how it looks like with most of the URL:


    This is how a link from my site looks like in facebook:


    It seems maybe not important, but it is... People use this a lot to share !
    So, I'll insist until I get an answer

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    Mine actually works fine now. I never had an issue with the link pulling the user profile picture instead of listing picture.

    New Site: CameraSpecs

    Old Site: MotorAdsUk

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    Yep, but your are not using the responsive template, that's the difference I think.

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