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Thread: World Location Database errors

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    World Location Database errors

    Hi Support

    It seems you've removed one of the existed "world location databases" from the Multi-Field Geo filtering plugin, recently. Unfortunately, it was the accurate one that you removed, the existent database is full of errors and I cannot understand the reason why you saved this false one?

    Would you please take a look at the database ASAP and check some the countries inside? It's completely unusable, So please substitute the accurate one quickly.


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    Hello there!
    This is a serious bug!

    You had two "world location database" in your server before. For god sake dude, why you removed the accurate one and left that one full of errors?

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    Hi Karim,

    I think you should submit a ticket for faster response. On forum sometimes threads can go unanswered.

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    Tanx Wei, I've sent a ticket too.
    However this is the Bug Report forum, somebody from the support department should take a look at this section as well and handle the bug reports.

    BTW, didn't you face to my problem too?

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