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Thread: help for META information

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    help for META information


    Do you have a document available to explain how and what to write in the meta description and meta keywords to have it optimized?

    In the meta keyword, should the words be separeted by a coma ' , ' or not? How many do you recommend?

    Could you explain how the 'listing META description, keyword, title' are working exactly? What should we write there for the best results?

    If I configure my 'Master Category', is it enough or should I configure the META for every category?


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    Any tips and guide here please?

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    flynax guys?

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    I wrote mine for every category. Well i say every i havnt finished yet. For keywords i seperated by a comma.

    I suppose it depends on what classifieds you have on your site to what you put in the meta.

    My example for Auto site for Ford.

    Meta description- Find a used Ford cars for sale at Motor Ads Uk - Used Car Classifieds
    Meta Keywords -fords for sale, cars, focus, fiesta, mondeo, c-max, s-max, escort, sierra, fusion, transit, cortina, capri, cougar, kuga, galaxy, granada, ka, mustang, orion, probe, puma, scorpio, streetka, consul, esconoline, expedition, explorer, f150, f250, f350, freda, gt, lincoln, maverick, model a, prefect, ranger, thunderbird, zodiac, used ford, used cars, for sale,

    The listing meta is to assign meta tags for your listings. I only did this in the mastor category.

    Example listing description - Used {title} for sale, {built}, {cubic_capacity}, {transmission}, {fuel}, {mileage}, {external_colour}, {comfort}, {safety}, {b_country_level1}, {city},

    **Now i am not saying mine is perfect. I am sure someone will tell me if i should do it different or add/remove things.

    To be honest i heard keywords are not that important anymore due to too much abuse but i could be wrong
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    Chris is correct. Meta Keywords no longer carry much weight with Google. Meta Description is worth doing.

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