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Thread: {location} appears when hover over category name

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    This solution will fix the problem but will ruin the menu. After apply this the {location} will appear this time when hovering over top menu items. For example " Home {location}" How to fix this?

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    You are not allowed to add {location} to the name of pages (menu names) unfortunately,
    you can add it to the title of page, but please not to use it in the name of page.

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    Hello Of course i added {location} to the title not name. And only after applied the solution presented in this thread this problem appears when hovering mouse over top menu items.
    I attach a photo

    hover mouse over menu.jpg

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    So no fix for this? We just stay with a broken site? Imagine tou hover mouse over a site menu and you get this Menu item name + {location} DO you think will look trustable?

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    Ok so is ok to have this big bug visible right?

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    Hi, did you find a solution to this problem? If so can you forward the code update as I've got the same problem when I view the site menu when using {location} .

    Many thanks.

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    Please submit ticket to the helpdesk with ftp login details, we will check.

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