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Thread: Pay As You Go Credit Plugin !

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    Exclamation Pay As You Go Credit Plugin !


    I think the Pay as you go credit plugin could you a little smart update.

    I have tested it quickly on my site, but for me, it makes no sense as it is now.

    Major point:

    If I want to use a credit system, then all my prices should by shown in 'Credit' and not in money (Euro).
    The idea is, users buy credits, with different payment gateway (paypal, sms, google...) and then, on my site, everything has a price in "Credit"

    Right now, the listing plan are still showed in Euro and it is only at the end that the user can choose to pay in credit or paypal...

    What I think is ok:

    * Users can buy credits. ex: 100 for 10 Euro / 200 for 15 Euro
    * A listing plan has a price in Credit. ex: Normal Listing = 10 credits / Featured Listing = 15 credits
    * When a user is on the listing plan step, he can see the price in credits for a plan and also how many credits left he has

    What do you think about this?
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    Any thoughts on this?

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