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Thread: Feedback on Similar Listings Plugin

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    I don't Know Victor, it was in the error.log

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    Is there a guide on using this anywhere ? No matter what I am doing I am not getting any results and am left confused ? thanks

    ?? I get it I think ? This can only show once the item has been selected and you go to view details page ? is this correct ? or can it be shown in sub categories as well / ?

    Think I have this all about face / thanks

    if this only shows on the details page ? is there an option where i can set things so that if it is a paid listing this does not show and if it is free it will ? also whats the thing with using a big site settings and normal setting as I see nothing there to change any settings ?
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    i have changed the setting from your demo and placed the block in the bottom. and now i have some questions/remarks:
    1. why the block shows always just 3 ads?
    2. the block should be filled with ads and it should work like a carousel, allowing users to see fast more than 3 or 4 ads wich are visible by default
    3. the listings inside the box should be centered becouse if we will have 4 ads instead of 3, we will still have a bigger space in right side compared to left one.

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