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Thread: Admin panel for Listings

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    Admin panel for Listings


    I find the information available in the admin panel for the listings to be too short.
    I would enjoy more data for each listings.

    Example :

    * Real first posted date
    * Last update date
    * Listings lives until - date

    Especially the posted date, it should never be changed.

    Also one question,
    In the Admin Panel, Configuration/Listings, there is this option: "Update posting date after plan upgrade"

    What is the exact impact of Yes or No?

    If it is on "No" and a user select to upgrade an existing listing, it means that the day counter until the listing is Inactive is NOT reset to 0?
    So if someone buys a "upgrade plan" 1 day before the end of listing live, it will be featured only 1 day?
    Am I right?


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    Any ideas?

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