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Thread: featured boxes results for search

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    featured boxes results for search

    I'm using flynax escort, and wish I had a box of contents for listing to show only featured in the search results and not with general there

    example I select a state field and city in the search box, and the results appear on the page for me in the content box the items in the selected search.

    what is the command to put the contents of the box set?

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    in the content box that has featured girls in flynax escort, the contents have the command line below:

    {include file = 'blocks' | cat: $ smarty.const.RL_DS | cat: 'featured.tpl' listings featured_girls = $ type = 'Girls'}

    need to create a content box that contains a command line to display only the girls featured in according to the search box.

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    We have your ticket with your request and we try to help you.

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