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Thread: Static Header

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    Static Header

    I've been using auto_main_red template and the header was static. I've made a few changes to the css files and noticed the header is no longer static. Where are these settings to revert so that the header becomes static again?

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    what is your website address?

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    your website behaves exactly like in the demo. exactly what do you want? the header to move up whe you scroll down or have the black header fixed on top, always visible?

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    It should be fixed, ie always visible

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    nope. in ie8 is performing as well like in firefox or chrome, same as in demo (the black header moves up with the page when you scroll the page down)

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    I want it to be static? Is that not the default for the template?

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    yes. it is static by default (meaning that if you scroll the home page down, than the header will move up with the rest of the page).
    this is how the flynax demo is and exactly like this your website behaves in ie8, chrome or firefox. so there is nothing wrong.

    press ctrl+f5 several times to clear up your cache.

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    thanks for the info

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