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Thread: General Responsive template

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    Oct 2009
    Hi there,
    I will review all feedback on the general template during this week.


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    social icons.jpg
    social icons looks ugly with partial black surrounding in ie8.

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    block expading.jpg

    we should have a + instead of that bar wich doesn't express properly that is the expand and that there are more options. Another solution would be to have a sliding bar like we have in multifield block. Users must recognice instant a option, not guessing that it may be something else in addition to what they see.

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    ie8 icons.jpg

    another set of bad icons in ie8. the grid/list icons looks perfect. the favorites and add to compare are cut and ugly

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    text and images.jpg

    as you can see in image, we have quite a difference in font size between IE8 and Firefox (or chrome). We should not have this. Tet must look the same on desktop, regarding wich browser you use

    another issue is the images. in IE8 i see cristal clear image but smaller than the container and in firefox/chrome i see the image epanded to fill the container but, the images are blurred now.

    once again, this is happening in a 4.3 + general flatty installed clean. if specific size for images are required, why the admin area is populated with wrong sizes? and in adition the image + container must look the same in all browsers.

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    text and images 1.jpg

    another example of differences between browsers as text size and olso images (the same thing happens for big image preview or for thumbnails)

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    i have used Location on map addon, wich, when creating the listing detected properly my location and show it fine in that step. after the listing is finalised, in listing details page, as you can see, the map is not showing even if will show when i click on it to expand it. olso, we have bad icons again

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    we have print page.... now we see the whole rectangle image (not square as in website ) and what we do not see is any fields and no thumbnails for aditional images. NOTHING. in my case i see the personal address of the owner even if that field is not showing when i register since i do not want it to show it.

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    user location.jpg

    what's with the text marked in the image? why the block is not working?

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    close icon looks bad. text area should be larger - not cut off like now

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