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Thread: General Responsive template

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    General Responsive template

    Not able to Registration on General Flatty. Its going out of the page.


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    i have made a clean install of 4.3 with general responsive. i have installed the regular addons among wich multifield addon. have set up all perfect. have created 2 levels - state and city

    bugs that apear just with general responsive (with general green none of these apear in this clean install)

    1. when i try to create an account i can't becouse in step 2, at privacy policy, the checkbox is missing register 1.jpg
    after i press on next button, i receive the error message and now the checkbox apear and i can finish the register register 2.jpg

    2. when i create the account, the multifields shows and work properly. i can select the state and than the proper city from that state
    but, when i try to create a listing, multifields is not ok. i can see just city (state is missing). if i disable the need for selecting state/city (so i can move forward), i will skip those and i arrive at image loading. I select 9 images and the upload process begins and i can see that images are pixelated pixelated images on upload.jpg and olso, in the middle of the loading process my web page closes by itself (tried twice to confirm this).

    I repeat, all these bugs do not happen if i switch to general green template and olso i can not see them in your demo.

    3. i can see the plan select page, even if i have just 1. if we have 1, the page should be hidden and visible if you have 2+ plans to see the differences between them

    in ie8 there are countless bugs

    search ie8.jpg text area is not centered

    login ie8.jpg login area is a mess

    ps Have made a new subdomain in wich i made another clean install of general green + general flatty and again, multifield is not working ok. field State doesn't show and can't move forward.

    ps 2 Have made countless attempts in main domain or subdomain and in all cases, with flatty the multifields will not be ok. However, i managed to find the problem. To populate the multifields, i use the addon Data entries import and the resulted fields perform PERFECT in 4.2 or 4.3 (all templates except responsive ones). I tried something different and created manualy some fields for multifields and those created manualy do show ok. So the problem commes from the responsive template wich doesn't recognise properly the data entries import- in the Create a new listing is not ok but in filtering the ads it performs ok.

    ps3 turns out that the field actualy is there but it has display: none;
    <div class="submit-cell clearfix" style="display: none;">
    <div class="name">Județ</div>
    <div id="sf_field_b_states" class="field single-field">
    <input id="b_states_val" type="hidden" value="">
    <input id="b_states_lastsel" type="hidden" value="b_states">
    <input class="b_states_mf" type="hidden" value="b_states">
    <script type="text/javascript">
    <select name="f[b_states]">
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    categories ie8.jpg in ie8, the categories shows in 1 single column instead of 2

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    new listing ie8.jpg
    if i try to create a listing, i can see that the scroll bar in missplaced, olso nothing happens if i click on a 1-st level category (subcategories do not show).

    new listing ie8 2.jpg
    if i select a category without subcategories, i can move forward and many issues like text misplaced in dropdowns, selector for dropdowns is not ok, not all the steps have background, step back in in 2 lines... again, the multifield is not ok.

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    John, all the responsive templates are the same (identical in look and functions) so why do we have such bugs after so many weeks of testing responsive template?

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    register ie8.jpg

    in ie8, i have added a short name and the red message shows. that remained like that, didn't fade after 2-3 sec. olso, it could not be closed from the x.

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    home ie8.jpg

    just in ie8, i have a empty block in right side, even if i already have middle left + middle right blocks. in chrome/ firefox, this doesn't happen

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    unless you provide us a tool in admin area to control the size and the image/link loaded as banner, we should not have by default such option. Not many of your customers do know how to remove it via css. And those who do, can easy add such block if they wish.

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    This is a screenshot of contact form from my iphone. It doesnt look nice at all. Can it be fixed?

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    The form is confirmed to be disoriented on mobile in all flatty template including auto and boat.

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