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Thread: Feedback on Shopping Cart & Bidding Plugin

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    Feedback on Shopping Cart & Bidding Plugin

    Hi there,
    Today we are releasing a Shopping Cart & Bidding Plugin and waiting for your feedback in this thread!


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    where we can see the demo for it? in responsive template would be ideal.

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    We are working on demo now, I hope it will be available during a few hours.
    Also new responsive general template will be adapted for this new plugin, this template will be ready
    in a week.

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    Hi guys

    I am not really interested in the auction/cart plugin (well not at the moment) I have tested other auction scripts in the past.

    But i couldnt help but give this a test. I have installed with fresh 4.3 script version.

    Couple of things i would like to mention

    1. In configuration guide it says "To configure the plugin go to:Admin Panel > General Configurations > Shopping Cart & Bidding >Settings and fill in the following fields:"
    **its not there its in the plugin section.

    2. With an auction listing, i made a bid with a seperate account. I then made a second bid with the same account and it outbid myself. Surley that should only happen with only another user bidding.

    eg Auction start 1000
    I bid 1050
    I made 2nd bid 1200

    The listing now shows current bid at 1200 but really it should still show 1050 until another user makes a higher bid and my 1200 bid should be my top bid until someone beats it.

    3.When i clicked buy now it redirects to blank page. And also the "my shopping cart" in account menu goes to blank page. Also the checkout button in top menu goes to blank page (i see they are all the same page)

    4. In user account panel/ bids and offers it shows list of bids and offers. The listing in qusetion has 2 bids on it but here it says 4. (i set increments at 50, so in theory it has gone up 4 increments)

    5. The currency i selected eg
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    A few improvements.

    *Also some form of seller/buyer feedback would be good like ebay has.

    **In the search results lists it doesnt state if its an auction and it shows just the buy it now price.
    Would be better if the current bid and buy it now were shown and also time remaining till auction end with maybe something that states its an auction.
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    The whole auction thing is complex. starting with the actual process of bidding, outbidding, types of auctions and ending with the feedback system that shoulded be included, like i've said on facebook and Chris reported as well. AUCTIONS WITHOUT FEEDBACK IS 0! The same applies without IP record for all users. How should we take any punishing meansures for users who don't play nice in auctions?
    i see that again, the general template has another delay wich piles up to the months we've been on hold. funny considering that you've said that the general has this included by default (now, the addon is released prior of template so?). bottom line, i woulded prefer a push up to solve all the issues reported for responsive - i have posted a batch from boats recently (with no replies) and olso a push up to release the responsive for each template + all the addons fixed before releasing new addons. my opinion.

    anyway, in the blog you have this article with a link to the general template so we can try it. i see the cart and that is all. i have tried to change a listing to see if there are new fileds becouse i do not see a Buy now, Add to cart or anything beside the cart from header.

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    Excellent. I have requested this plugin long ago and finally see some progress. I will test it out when I have time today
    Good jobs Flynax

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    Hi there!
    Petrache, we will think about feedback on seller and IP black list in the next plugin update.
    BTW you may describe your vision of these features above if you have time.

    About the demo, we had some problems with the general demo and it's finally available now.
    Keep tracking this thread for your feedbacks.


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    When is the responsive template available for general flynax? I only see boat and car. Also, I couldnt pinch to zoom on my ipad iphone screen with responsive template. Can we fix it?

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    Thanks Flynax for this plugin,

    I have one comment on this plugin

    when the website is meant to be E-Shopping website as well as classified at the same time, how can it be.

    I think it will be better if administrator can allow (enable) this plugin for certain listing types and disable it for other listing types (for classifieds purpose)

    if such option is available it will be better for dual use of the website especially for those who are already running currently a classified website and wanting to introduce the E shopping on ti without loosing the function of the classifications.

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