Hello everyone!

I'm running flynax for a general listings website for Mexico only. In multifield i have 3 selections.

-Country {ppp}
-State {ppp_level1}
-City {ppp_level2}

I'm using a box where the users selects is is location using those 3 fields and it shows the listings present in the selected area.

Now. If I select Mexico and State One can I show a text in a box saying "FREE LISTINGS IN STATE 1" or if i choose STATE 2 "FREE ..... In STATE 2" etc....

I've tried creating an html box where i wrote FREE LISTINGS IN {ppp} {ppp_level1} but even if you select country and state it alwats shows the variable name and not the respective state and city.

How could i do it? Pleaseee and example can be seen on olx.com.mx the same thong i want to do