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Thread: Auto Responsive template BETA2

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    Quote Originally Posted by John View Post
    Bot issues were fixed.

    Fixes confirmed. Thanks

    What is happening with the button for finishing the edit when adding images or videos? same as we have when changing the fields? Will be added or not?

    Another thing.... Why we don't have a big image on mobile (in listing detail page)? we have just the thumbnails wich are tiny and as they are, user doesn't see anything. Further, if i click on image, like i want to open the lightbox gallery, i have the spinning circle like is loading and that is all.
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    hello. 1. Thank you for your work.
    2. Demo version have bug in "Comparison Table": in home page i have 5 cars for compare. compare1.jpg
    But if i see listings detaile "Comparison Table" not have cars for compare compare2.jpg ,
    and if i remove car from table i see in table -1 compare3.jpg
    Sorry for my English, kind regards, Eldar

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    pdf is not ok. description is shown in a thin column instead of full width
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    with these new upgrades to the script i hoped that some bad things will be eliminated.

    for instance


    why do you still allow users to create their pages link as they wish? why is not created automatic from the username that the user chosen and wich is already unique?
    i have just created my personal address like /fuck and that worked just fine. a user can create any address, including bad /ugly words/expressions. please lose this "feature" that creates just issues and no advantages. this is the first script in wich i have sean such "feature". guess why no one else is using it....
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    when creating a new account, the steps are not ok

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    steps 1.jpg

    you know my opinion about countless steps...

    step 3 doesn't see properly. further, in english step has 4 letter. in my language i have "pasul" wich has 5 so the number of step can't be sean, and i bet that in other languages the number of letters for step is even more

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    i have reported that IS WRONG to allow users to select different location data when creating a listing. looks like nothing is changed.

    the first option is Use map location. if i select that, please hide the second option Account address on map. Same principle reversed. If i select second option, hide the first one. DO NOT SHOW BOTH. If i miss something about the logic, please take a time and enlight me. thanks

    In the end, in listing detail page i see as location the account address. so, why was i let to use the map location if that doesn't show?
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    steps 2.jpg

    again, steps issue when adding images

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    image upload.jpg

    i have selected an image to be uploaded, a new thumbnail (empty) apears and on top a red text with Abort. so no image, no upload progress. is this working ok?

    in the end, the listing shows 2 as images but no actual image as big image of thumbnail
    image upload 1.jpg
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    in mobile, grid icon showld not show since view as List does not exist so there is nothing to switch to (my opinion).

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