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Thread: Feedback on Auto Responsive template beta!

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    yep agree with Matt,

    The listing box is now showing blank pics, I guess the plugins is one which requires update with the responsive template.

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    Also, on the responsive template size of the featured image, and search bar
    everything seems bigger... example, the featured slider and the search takes up 2/3 of the whole home page when opening up
    home page size.jpg
    Any way to change this to smaller size for all the content boxes?

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    hello again. since the beta 1 didn't work in my website, i decided to give it another try with beta 2. i do not know what you think about this "responsive" template but for me this is the bigest dissapointment in the last years.
    i have looked on surface and beside some good things (like floating menu bar), i se only problems and poor design. here are some of the issues

    1. footer area. in pc looks ok footer pc.jpg, with 3 columns, but on responsive we have a mambo jambo of links footer responsive.jpg
    this looks very nice for users.... flynax team, please look in themeforest.net to see some decent design regarding footer....for instance http://themeforest.net/item/jeweller...review/7000576 where in responsive, the columns turn into a accordion menu. another ideea would be to keep the columns as they are since they are lower than 320px and display them as blocks, one under the other

    2.login area. great on pc login pc.jpg, not so great on responsive login responsive.jpg. we shoulded have the same popup window or if that is not possible in mobile devices, use center aligned texts and olso HAVE THE FACEBOOK LOGIN. why is that missing in responsive?
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    3. multifield filter (based on states/cities). Attachment 838 in pc the 2 rows are joined together, the button is a little biger than the 2 rows and to make things worse, after i select a state (first row), the layout of dropdowns and button changes into multifield filter 1.jpg

    4. create a new listing is not working new ad.jpg
    i do not see any + to select subcategory and even if i select a main category wich is not blocked, i still can't move forword.
    what's with the selection dot . when you have just 1 type? why does it show? can i select something else? NO. that has to be hidden if just 1
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    5. search bar, in responsive, is visible in homepage, but after you select a category the search bar is gone? search bar responsive after category selection.jpg . search function is the most impoertant feature of any classified auction website. IT MUST BE VISIBLE ALWAYS

    6. we select category and see a list of ads and in right side we have grid/list view (ok) and now, olso, we have location on map? location on map.jpg . if i recall well, that was a separate plugin, allowing us to use it or not. now that is gone and idin't see an option to disable this feature.

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    7. edit an existing ad by changing images or videos is still incomplete (i mentioned this already and nothing was done). i am a user who wants to change some of my images, i can do that just fine, but after what i am done, what should i do? edit ad by adding images-video.jpg . i am locked in that page becouse i do not see any button like "Finalise edit" or something to click on it and redirect me into my account to my listings or to the oage wirth the ads details if i edited from there. PUT YOURSELF INTO THE SHOES OF A MEDIUM USER who has entered your website for the first time. you will be lost

    8. when i view the list with ads into the list view mode duplicated title in list view.jpg i see duplicated title. once bold, and beneth normal. why? in grid is working ok.

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    finaly, the worst design ever, is after me, the listing detail page.
    this is on pc detail page.jpg and this is on responsive detail page in responsive.jpg

    becouse you did not eliminate the <table> from your code, we have the ugliest and unusable details page ever!!! with images in left side, description area in right side with a scroll? and bellow with tabs that do not work in left side and in right side with the details of the seller and the map? end olso do you find it normal to see in responsive , the description of the ad, as a thin column? if i ad a listing with 10.000 characters, what i will see. a 1 km long thin column? unbeliveble

    one of the most important feature that is missing from your script is ATRIBUTES wich are specific to a category (see how they work in ilance.com or on ebay or on mercador.ro and in any modern script). you have listing fields wich is unusable and creates all sorts of problems.
    in any of these websites you see images and seller data in first row, in second you see the atributes and in 3-rd you see the actual description.
    i am pro for improvements and inovate but what you have done if exactly the opposite.
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    Agree with all the points you raised Petrache, but still have to give credit to the Flynax team in creating the responsive template,
    Its a big step up from the previous templates, and still at beta stage hence its reasonable to raise these bugs so they can be fixed.

    Just my two cents.

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    Like Thomas says, they have classed it as beta, so will be still work in progress for bugs and requests. But initially it's a good start

    New Site: CameraSpecs

    Old Site: MotorAdsUk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Brown View Post
    Like Thomas says, they have classed it as beta, so will be still work in progress for bugs and requests. But initially it's a good start
    for bugs maybe. for requests? i doubt that. let's be serious. this is a second beta with serious issues, especialy for listing details page. when you advertise something as beeing responsive, be sure to make it realy responsive. what they did by keeping <tables> is totaly wrong and the result can be sean in the description area. and olso, this is a second beta. not even the brand new "add a listing" is not working. i didn't say a word on the fact that images shows horible in grid/list view and when i enter details page i do not see anything. no image at all. so what's the big improvement? just the fact that the width fits to the width of device? responsive means something else. not just this.

    like i've said before, check themeforest.com for responsive and you will see what it means, regarding the script - magento, opencart etc

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