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Thread: Listing renew and upgrade process from user panel

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    Lightbulb Listing renew and upgrade process from user panel


    I find the user panel for listings really confusing for the users.
    It is even not clear for me, so users will be lost for sure, and I don't want my users to be lost :-).

    The "Renew/Upgrade listing plan" button in "My Listings" is really not ok.
    You click on it and come again to the Plan List and what will happen is not clear.
    If it is not clear, then it is not good and should not be presented like this to the users.

    Once a listing is posted the possibilities for the user should be simple:

    * Make the listing "Featured"
    * Renew the listing for 1 period of time. This should be possible only a few days before the end of the current period.

    Now, if you have a free plan, users can renew listing X times and post the listing for 6 month if they want.
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    Welcome to the club we have all talked about this and I have seen a few other post discussing how this feature should work here is the last post I made on this topic http://www.flynax.com/forum/showthre...=8550#post8550

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    this is quite frustrating for all of us and unfortunaly flynax doesn't do anything to fix this.

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