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Thread: Why Flynax team not thinking about website speed? Its not good.

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    Why Flynax team not thinking about website speed? Its not good.

    Hello Flynax,

    Why no step for website speed? I have seen most of the flynax software site loading slow. Please Take action on website load time and more server space consuming.


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    I'm not sure I agree with you. My website is hosted on a performant VPS with 3 cores and SSD. The performance from my site are good and will be better after I finish some server upgrade.

    I think, that a lot of the websites we can see in example, are hosted on cheap shared servers for 4$ per month. Then of course, everything will be slow... But, a big part of starting a professional site is having a good hosting, which is pretty expensive.

    Also don't forget that your position on the globe is important. My server is in my country, if you open it from the other half of the world, it'll take a few ms more to open.


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    My website loads fast, the problem are that you are using a crappy server/vps

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    I am using VPS Hosting from HostGator ,Still Its very slow...If I ask Hosting they saying need to optimize the website..

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    From what I've seen at hostgator, what they sell is too expensive for no reasons. There is abolutely no RAM on their VPS. A Cpanel alone will take 1Go of RAM.
    Minimum is 3 GO RAM to start hosting something.
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    Hi Matthieu Kauffmann,

    Thanks for your response, May I know which hosting is best for Flynax software?


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    No idea, hosting is related to the country you want to target.

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    From what I have seen, I think this is one of the best with absolutely the very best support http://www.siteground.com/index.htm?...f9db0dd3392835

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