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Thread: Renew listing fonction !

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    Renew listing fonction !


    it would be great if you add a fonctions to allow users renew their listings.

    I found in many websites that there is on option to renew a listing, so if you have added a listing a month ago, maybe it will appear on the last page of result, because each day users add new listings.

    this options will allow users renew the same listing, so it will appear on the first page again, like if the listing was just added.


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    Re: Renew listing fonction !

    Hello Amir,

    As i understand script should allow to renew only free listings, if listing added under paid plan this function is not necessary?

    I'm not sure that we will implement it in next version because i think it's specific function not for each classified website, but i'll suggest.
    By the way it is easy to implement as modification.

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    This is good idea

    This is good idea, for user commeback everyday for renew their listings

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