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Thread: Property description in multilanguage

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    Property description in multilanguage

    i want to have title and description of property for each language
    I think it logically - if the selected language is Russian, and the title and description must be in Russian

    how to do this ?

    or i must to create 1 copy of property object for each language ?

    in this case how to display when selecting a particular language only objects on it ?

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    go to the Admin Panel > Listings > Listing Fields

    Choose your 'Title' field to edit and set 'Multilingual' option to 'yes'

    The same feature works with the other fields.

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    Hello Denys,

    Do you mean fields name or what? Would you please explain me better what do you want to change.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    I think Denys already found MultiLanguage feature =) , it can be enabled for text or textarea fields

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