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Thread: Problem Linking to Mobile site

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    Question Problem Linking to Mobile site

    My site web is found on http://webimmo.tn

    The mobile version is found on http://m.webimmo.tn .

    The problem is when a visitor clicks on a link to a particular listing from the facebook page or an authre web sit on his mobile/smartphone, the link will not go to the particular listing but to the home page at http://m.webimmo.tn . Which is exasperating for the visitor.

    So if the links has to point to: http://www.webimmo.tn/properties/ann...ergla-400.html and thus

    it just goes to the home page at http://m.webimmo.tn .

    Am I missing something on a setting or something?

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    I don't remember same problem so i cannot advice how to fix and why this happened. Please provide me with details to check this issue and fix (ftp or cpanel) or submit a ticket

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    Hello Maher,

    Bug already fixed. Problem was in version 4.1
    New class rlMobile.class.php from version 4.2 fix this problem
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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