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Thread: Auto Demo Page

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    Auto Demo Page

    Hi Flynax Team,

    I have seen, you have updated the auto demo page to 4.2 now.

    When will general classifieds demo page updated to 4.2?
    This is the version that i have and makes trouble.

    Why is System-Info (php info) unavailable in your auto demo page?
    I wanted to check if certain php settings have been made​​, so that the 4.2 runs smoothly.
    This feature was in 4.1 demo available. Why now in 4.2 no longer?

    Is your 4.2 demo version script realy the same which you offers the customers to download?
    I have a few doubts.

    I wonder how you have the admin login session problem-solved.
    That which has mike offered caused in my script follow problems:
    - no connection to flynax server therefore
    - no plugin news feed and flynax news feed also
    - no plugin download

    I guess it is up to the files, that mike has offered so that the admin login works, but unfortunately with the above disadvantages.

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    System info disabled on demo pages for security reasons..

    to fix issues with flynax server connection try to do following:

    restore admin/controllers/admin.control.php if you have copy before you replaced with my file,

    and make following changes

    PHP Code:
    Only registered members can view the code

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