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Thread: New template will not show existing catagories

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    New template will not show existing catagories

    I'm having issues switching my site from the General Modern template to the new General Simple Blue. I'm switching the templates so I have access to the 'Long Top' position option.

    I uploaded the General Simple Blue template to my site and activated it and everything is working properly except for the LISTING CATEGORIES box.

    Instead of listing all of my existing categories it instead shows 'There are no categories added yet'. The Alphabetic selection along the top does show all the categories and allows you to access them.

    When I switch back to the old General Modern template the LISTING CATEGORIES box will show all of my existing categories.

    Why is this happening and how do I fix it?

    The site is and I've included screen shots of the problem.


    EDIT: It seems that all 4.1 Templates will display the LISTING CATEGORIES correctly but all 4.2 Templates will not. I just downloaded the 4.1 version of General Simple Blue and everything seems to be good.
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