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Thread: Chat box feature for registered members

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    Chat box feature for registered members

    I think it would be great if flynax has a chatbox for registered members to discuss. Any thought about that? Or is there anyway I could implement one myself using third party script?

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    +1 to that,

    I think it would be a great idea in terms of building up the community, the current comment section seems too hidden as well

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    yes, +1 to that please implement that very usefull

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    Bring this up again and wanna know Flynax Dev. thought about this

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    Or is there anyway if I can bring the vBShout that I installed in my vbulletin with vbulletin bridge plugin to the homepage?

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    yes, +1
    like facebook chat system. Sellers change their online status to Available for chat or unavilable.

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    Still no update after 5 years?

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    can we implement whatsapp chat box?
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    I don't think it is a good idea to add much until all the bugs in the core and plugins are corrected.

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    Hello its me again. Despite several support comment +1 +2 here it seems Flynax has no interests in it at that time now and then so

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