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Thread: Theme customization

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    Theme customization

    HI All,

    I am new on the forum, having recently purchased the Realty Signs template. I have been playing around with for a while to change the look and feel but now i realise it is not for me.
    I thought it would have been as easy as Wordpress.

    I am looking for a good developer in here, who knows the flynax software, to help with this task. I am prepared to pay for it, I have wasted a lot of time and money on elance and oDesk with freelancer who do not really
    understand my requirements.

    The task evolve around CSS changes and a bit of functiion tweaking.

    Kind Regards.


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    I was a complete novice at theme changes but managed in the end to figure it out to do lots, and also certain things i paid flynax to change.

    May be worth getting some quotes from flynax themselves, and i am sure if you post some threads for help on certain things some of the forum users maybe able to help for free.
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    Thanks Chris.
    I have already sent a request for quotation to the flynax team. I expect a high figure thrown back at me as my list modification is quite long....
    Congrats on the site. It Looks awsome!!!!

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