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Thread: The search on index are broke

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    The search on index are broke

    I have a drop down that are bound to a data entry.

    The search works fine on all pages except the index page.
    Then i select the Lan(state) then the field below should show the kommun(countys) that are in that state but instead of showing that it shows
    the Lan(states) again. And this just happens on the index page.

    Here you can see the problem:

    Here it shows the correct field on the Kommun

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    Hello Peter,

    Problem was with condition in the multiField plugin. Your home page it's recently added page. I don't know how but I checked it and it's there,
    But recently added page wasn't in plugin condition. I have added recently added page and now it works. Please check.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    ah ok. Thanks, it works now =)

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