There is a problem with the software for alphabetical order with data entries with different language versions.

The problem is that when you select alphabetical order in one language the country name is e.g "Germany" and in other it is "Deutschland" . However, the data is presented in exact same position in a list. So If you select english version it works fine, because Germany is supposed to be between Georgia and Ghana, however, once you select German version of the website, it stays on the same position and Deutschland is still between "Ghana" and "Georgia". This is incorrect, it is not anymore alphabetical order.

It makes it very difficult for the user to find the data he is looking for in any language except for the one that is selected as the primary.

I think this is quite logical that the ordering the data in alphabetical order should be separate for different language versions. We cannot assume that each data will be in the same position in the list for each language .

I hope i made it clear what the problem is.

How to overcome this issue ?