the present plugin has a big bug regarding price filter

Filter price does work ok when you have just 1 currency, but, when you have 2+ is pretty useless.

see in the image

i have 2 listings with 2 different currency, one in euro and one in lei, and i get as slider, the price from euro wich is smaller and the price from lei wich is bigger?

so, in this world, the currency are equal? nope. they are different, and so, we should have a currency selector as filter and only after that show the price range based on that currency.

if i had the euro price of 1000, it would still show in left side as smaller value compared to the lei price, when in fact, if i convert the euro into lei, the value is like 4.500 lei (for those 1000 euro), so, pretty useless

a solution to this issue please