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Thread: Undefined Page - Requested page not found

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    same problem

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    I am having this problem and I tracked it down to the rewrite.

    If I turn off apache rewrite module in Configurations>General this problem goes away.

    I turned on Apache rewrite trace and here is an example when I try to get the static about-us page:

    Apache rewrites the URL to index.php?page=new&wildcard&rlVareables=about-us.html

    But when I access that url I get the "Undefined Page" request.

    The URL index.php?page=about-us works fine, so this page is working.

    There is something about the rewrite that includes the page=new and rlVareables that is causing the 404.

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    Hello Jason,

    I think our technical department will help you if you create a ticket with your problem.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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