Hello. How can i integrate this addon directly into the script (so not as an addon), after the description area? I tried to move rlListingNavigator.class.php into includes/classes and navigation.tpl in /templates/realty_quiet_day/tpl/blocks and added in listing_detail.tpl - {include file='blocks'|cat:$smarty.const.RL_DS|cat:'navigat ion.tpl'} but is not working.

i have tried as well to alter olso in navigation.tpl to location in wich to apear - $('div#content table.content td.content').prepend($('ul#lnp_container')); but olso didn't work.

I do not like the fact that is displayed before the actual listing content and olso the fact that with this, as it is, the page loades in 2 steps. First the navigator shows and after, the actual listing. I try to eliminate this bug. The arrows should be more explicit and olso they should show after the listing fields. It's a practical choice becouse any person would read a listing and when he reaches the end of that listing he would prefer to move to next listing via this plugin, as oposed to now, when it has to scroll the page up and click from there. Is not practical.