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Thread: Auction plug-in

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    Auction plug-in

    How about an Auction Plug-in for Listings,

    You can then have the option to choose if the item has a fixed price or
    you can enable Auction function for that item, with reserve/buy now, and auction length..

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    Apr 2012
    hi there, very very nice idea hope you guys are still working on this plugin I would so love to have it on my site

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    This is very nice idea!!!

    In addition, I would like to suggest one more option:
    Auction for Top Position Listing.
    For instance, user will be able to place bids in “$” amount, and in the end of the auction the winner will have an opportunity to place listing at the top of the category (above other listings) for a certain period of time.

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    Hello Mike F,

    Is there any news on the development of the Auction Plugin?

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    Hi, i think this is a very good idea. Is anybody working on this auction plugin?

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    Any further develpment on this Auction Plugin?
    Vincent Kelly

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