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Thread: Banner plugin questions

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    Banner plugin questions

    I'm running Escort 4.2.0

    1) Can I change the GEO targeting feature to use a Data Entry Item? (ie. State). So when a new banner is added, the user can choose which "State" to target?

    2) Is there a way to automatically crop the banner image to the predefined size? or come up with an error if its not the right size and force the user to crop it??
    - the reason I say that is I set my banner size to 250x250. I then uploaded a larger image and it didn't display at all.

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    Hi Beau,

    1) The current Banners plugin (v2.4.0) already have an similar function; but only for banner plans in AP.
    The functionality required additional plugin Multi-field/Geo filtering.

    2) Yes, automatically crop the banner image to an banner box size.
    Doesn't make any sense display at all if your banner large.
    Banners not a listing photos; b
    anner originally supposed to be made in advance by a known size; not true?

    Your constructive criticism is welcome.

    Other than that happy coding...
    Flynax Technical Department

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